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Welcome to Balvanera! We're located at 152 Stanton Street in the heart of Manhattan's ever-emerging Lower East Side Community. 

The first project of Argentine Chef Fernando Navas (elBulli, Nobu, SUSHISAMBA, Gerber Group), Balvanera represents the cuisine and spirit of Buenos Aires - porteña cuisine with influences from the dynamic regions of Argentina. The menu, from inspired and traditional small plates and composed vegetable dishes to signature carnes and friends & family-style platos is a journey from Fernando's upbringing in Punta Alta through his time working in great kitchens in Barcelona, Miami and New York City.

The beverage menu has been developed in collaboration with Argentine Sommelier Nicolas Martianhes. The program showcases a noteworthy selection of  Argentine wines, following the premise of sustainable viticulture and organic farming and a  particular selection of beer. Wine is available by glass, carafe or bottle - accommodating guests with a wide range of options for a great value. For low alcohol libations, Balvanera highlights sherry, vermouth, specialty small batch aperitifs - as well as a Sangria de la Casa.

Balvanera takes its name from a historic ‘barrio’, or neighborhood, of Buenos Aires where poets, musicians and creatives once convened. Entering the restaurant, guests will be welcomed by Balvanera’s Buenos Aires elegance and Lower East Side’s laid back charm. With two full sides of French doors, the corner space gets glorious sunshine by day and the LES' lights and action by night. On the soundtrack: A colorful rotation of American classic rock and jazz to funk and soul integrated with some more esoteric albums from Argentina. A huge contribution to the ‘feel’ of the space is the service: warm, friend-like hospitality. Staff will wear handsome leather-trimmed aprons by Fuga, Argentine designers and friends from Fernando’s hometown (which will soon be available on our website!) 

Balvanera's integrated marketing, public relations and creative services are handled by Fun People hospitality agency. For inquiries, to to collaborate!, contact:

Chef / Founder


Fernando Navas

Born and raised: Punta Alta, Argentina

Track record: Nobu, SUSHISAMBA, elBulli, Gerber Group

Digs: heavy rain, a chilled can of Modelo, summer siesta under a tree, Piazzolla Quintet, my Nenox Deba, ripe tomatoes, 00:00, BA, Ruby Tuesday, my curiosity, your intelligence

Not so much: cholesterol, PB (the J is ok), out of fire, last call, protocols, khaki shorts, long flights, soggy fries

Favorite dish on the menu: the next one

Favorite drink on the menu: at this moment - Sunday afternoon at 4:30pm - I'd go with a Sangria de la Casa

Meredith Boyle

Born and raised: Pittsburgh, PA

Track record: SUSHISAMBA, Duck & Waffle, Chefs Club

Digs: windows down x music up, vinyl DJs, my mother's mashed potatoes, my father's sculptures, Harlow's laugh, Seb's monster voice, Fer's hugs, The Strip District, The LES, CDMX, my morning coffee & my afternoon Diet Coke

Not so much: just missing [insert], math, mosquito picnic crashers, anything served at the incorrect temperature (except coffee), bad breath, bad manners, and especially, bad news

Favorite dish on the menu: entrana & crispy fries

Favorite drink on the menu: Riccitelli's Not Another Lovely Malbec


a woman standing in front of a building

NYC General Manager & Sommelier

Born and raised: Buenos Aires, Argentina 

Track record: Faena Hotel Buenos Aires (Head Sommelier/Restaurant Manager), Escuela Argentina de Sommeliers (teacher)

Digs: Enjoying 'Asado' with friends and family, walking barefoot along the seashore in autumn, savoring Malbec & steak against the backdrop of The Andes, relishing Torrontes & empanadas in Cafayate, old Madeira wines. Soaking in NYC Vibes. Cats, symmetry, The Sky, and The unknown

Not so much: sweet perfumes, procrastination, taking inventories, Summer in the city, traffic, warm wine. Any nonsensical fanaticism. 

Favorite dish on the menu: Medium rare striploin

Favorite drink on the menu: a glass of (any) wine after a busy service

Nico Martianhes

William Kohl

Born and raised: Harrisburg, PA

Track record: Vetri Family, Poulet Bleu, RDRG

Digs: new noise, old whiskey, big dogs, small dogs, wine and movies with Hillary, great shows in weird venues, a bite I've never had before 

Not so much: heroes (teamwork makes the dreamwork), quiet music, 9am (10am is perfectly fine), running out of anything, half-finished drinks

Favorite dish on the menu: I know it's gonna be the hamburguesa 

Favorite drink on the menu: Negroni 

PGH General Manager

a man in a suit standing in front of a building

Pastry Chef

Born and raised: Pittsburgh, PA

Track record: Craft, Perilla, The Marrow, Baked NYC, Ciao, Gloria 

Digs: carbs, challah, clogs, Economy Candy (IYKYK), Prospect Park runs, soft serve with my boys, Christmas cookies, a good checklist, playground hangs 

Not so much: blue cheese, gold leaf, rusty peelers, computer work, blonde pastries and dry scones, styrofoam 

Favorite dish on the menu: Harlow's Caesar 

Favorite drink on the menu: our Margarita

Ginger Fisher Baldwin

a person sitting at a table with wine glasses and smiling at the camera

Jake Manning

Born and raised: Born in Clearwater, Florida, but raised on a handful of military bases before settling in Pittsburgh 

Track record: Overthrow Hospitality Nyc, Con Alma, Lorelei, Speckled Egg

Digs:  Arsenal Football Club, books I borrow from my dad, bolognese for dinner and breakfast, hypoallergenic dogs, Collaboration, a new Amaro, and a properly stoked and organized bar 

Not so much: Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, Red tipped bar spoons, Egos, Dull knives, bad bagels, shellfish and peanuts (I'm allergic) , tequila with additives, flat pillows, fear of change 

Favorite dish on the menu: Entrana and Pure De Papas 

Favorite drink on the menu: On menu either the Negroni Rosa or Grapefuit Julep. Off menu, a 2:1 London dry Martini with bitters and a twist

Head Bartender